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Report Maintenance Needs

This form can be used to contact Management and a designated Board member about
problems in the Sierra Canyon such as common areas and The Aspen Lodge.  See examples below. 

Describe the area and if possible include a picture or two.
When describing a problem be sure to include info like:

  1.  Location of the issue - provide nearest home address.
  2.  If on a corner, what are the two cross streets.
  3.  If on a walking trail, what is the closest street(s) and/or can you identify the issue with some sort of nearby marker.

Examples of what Sierra Canyon HOA is responsible for:

Out & About: 

  • Rock walls
  • Block walls
  • Benches
  • Parks 
  • Dog stations
  • Split rail fence
  • Culverts
  • Common areas
  • Landscaping
  • Weeds in common areas

The Aspen Lodge - Everything inside and surrounding the lodge, i.e.:

  • Light bulbs
  • Bathroom supplies 
  • Cleaning 
  • Repairs 
  • Tennis/Pickleball courts

If you are not sure about something, feel free to call 775-624-2900

If you are using your phone to run our website and are using this form, you click on the Choose file... and most phones will allow you to take a picture at that point and attach it.

When you are done filling out the form, be sure to click on Submit.

Thank You