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Report Distressed Trees

This form can be used to contact Management about under-watered trees in the Sierra Canyon Common Areas. 

Describe the location and if possible include a screenshot of your GPS/Google Map location and a picture of the tree(s).

When describing the tree location please include info such as:
    1)  nearest home address, including location of tree(s) in relation to home.
    2) nearby landmark, including location of tree(s) in relation to landmark.
    3) if it's an entire area, the relation of the area to nearby streets, home addresses, or landmarks.

NOTE: Needle shedding other than at the tips is normal

If you are using your phone to run our website and are using this form, you click on the Choose file... and most phones will allow you to take a picture at that point and attach it, as well as attach a screenshot of your location.

When you are done filling out the form, be sure to click on Submit.

Thank You.