Master Calendar

This calendar lists all Sierra Canyon Association events scheduled for both inside The Aspen Lodge and offsite.

NOTE: For those classes/events requiring a reservation, the word "ZEN" appears at the front of their name. In these instances, Zen Planner must be used to make a reservation prior to attending. Those classes/events that require a reservation AND a fee, the word "ZEN$" appears at the front of their name.

Tools Available To Use -

"Today"                                                      - The event listing always starts with the current day.
"Left" & "Right" Arrows                               - The event listing shifts one day at a time, either in the
                                                                   past or in the future, respectively.
"Down" Arrow, to the Right of Today's Date -  Opens a drop-down calendar window allowing you to
                                                                   select any date in any month.
                                                                   NOTE: The event listing is scheduled only to December
                                                                             31st of each year, unless otherwise noted.
"Print" icon, further right                           - Click the printer icon and a print window opens with
                                                                   various options to select. Many residents like to print
                                                                   out the event listing one week at a time.
"Down" Arrow, next to the "Agenda" tab     - Click on this and a drop down menu opens allowing you
                                                                  to de-select one or more locations. For example, if you
                                                                  are only interested in all the pool events, de-select all
                                                                  other locations, leaving a schedule only for the pool.
                                                                  Refresh this webpage to view all events again.
Select the view you want                           - Select Week, Month or Agenda. Default is Agenda.