Report Bagged Thistle for Pick-Up

This form can be used to contact Management about bagged thistle that needs to be collected by BrightView. 

BrightView will collect bagged thistles that are placed near dog stations when they service the dog stations on Tuesdays and Thursdays if  they are given at least one day's notice so they can attach the trailer to the cart that services the dog stations.  Accordingly, please submit this report no later than noon on Monday or Wednesday, respectively, for pick-ups of Tuesday and Thursday.

If you are not working near a dog station, you may contact Management in advance  at 775-624-2900 to request  a pick-up at a different  pre-determined location that can be accessed by a BrightView cart or vehicle, e.g., an open lot, a street address, a park.  

Do not deposit bagged thistle at a location other than a dog station unless Management notifies you that the pick-up location has been approved.
Please provide the number of the dog station, or at least a screen shot or description of its location, below .  
If you are using your phone to run our Website and are using this form, you click on the Choose file... and most phones will allow you to attach a screen shot.